1375 First Avenue 

(corner of East 74 Street and 1st Avenue)

NYC, NY 10021

Tel#:  212 288 0100

Fax #: 212 288 3409

Free Delivery

Free Tasting Every Thursday 6 - 9 p.m.

In Vino Veritas is truly a New York City Landmark.  It is the first liquor store to open in Manhattan after Prohibition ended.  The Rottura family took it over in April 1997 and dedicated a full year to completely renovate the store.  What was once an old shabby typical liquor store has been now turned into a jewel of a wine store.  One glance at the store is like a glimpse into an era past.  The museum look of the store is one of a kind.  Unearthed during the renovation process are huge pieces of stained glass dating back to the 1800’s.  The prized glass was restored to its former glory and the owners inserted the new store name into it.  The inside is enchanting as it is welcoming.  Everything from the Murano lamps to the original brick wall that has been exposed are all signs of the passion and reverence the Rottura family has for beauty. 

What is perhaps a true sign of passion is the climate controlled wine cellar where every bottle of wine sold to the customer is kept at a perfect temperature.  The most exciting part of In Vino Veritas is the carefully hand picked wine selection.  Like every store, popular brands are on site, BUT the family goes to great lengths to explore and seek out unknown gems at outstanding values.  In Vino Veritas specializes in Italian wines, but offers selections from other countries such as New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Greece, Germany, Spain, Portugal, California, Oregon, Washington State, and of course France.  In Vino Veritas also offers a stunning array of Kosher wines. 

Most importantly, In Vino Veritas is staffed with gracious and knowledgeable wine connoisseurs.  Having owned a prestigious Italian restaurant in the past, the Rottura family is very aware of the importance of wine and food matching…..and nobody knows it better.  The staff is always eager to help consumers pair wines with foods that are in the customer's budget.  From $5.99 a bottle to hundreds of dollars a bottle, In Vino Veritas has it all. 

In Vino Veritas hosts frequent wine tastings.  The tastings are free and casual.  They allow customers to try different wines before purchasing them.  The tastings also help expand the consumer’s contact with the diverse wine of the world.